"Dr. Derrick is such an amazing chiropractor! He is very friendly and personable, and makes each and every patient feel very welcome and comfortable at every appointment. He makes sure to be very thorough and always explains the best possible solution for any issues, and I always know I am in very good care with him. He makes sure he gets me in any time I need, and even does appointments on a walk in basis. If he is ever gone he makes sure I have more than enough notice to make arrangements to get in beforehand. I highly recommend him for anything you may need with chiropractic care!"

- Dar

"I have been going to Dr. Derrick for several years. I have problems with a condition in my neck and inherited chronic hump back tendency. Also, just overall aches and pains from getting older.

Dr. D has been doing a wonderful job of maintaining my conditions and making me feel better.

He also is a cheerful and good friend. Thanks, D. I appreciate you."

- Marion

"I personally have benefited from the excellent professional care I have received over the last several years from Dr. Derrick. I am on a regular maintenance program which has resulted in my overall health being put on a high level. Thank you Dr. Derrick & your entire staff."

- Art

"On September 15, 2020 we were in an accident and our attorney told us that we would have to find a chiropractor and he found Dr. Derrick. Since our very first visit to Dr. Derrick Family Chiropractic they have been nothing but good to me and my wife and very helpful. They are very polite and honest. He told me and my wife that he would have us feeling better and that he would be there for us every step of the way and he's doing everything he said he would do. Since visiting Dr. Derrick me and my wife both have been feeling 10 times better since the accident and still improving each and every day. I want to thank Dr. Derrick and his family for everything they have done and still doing for us and I will recommend anyone that needs adjustments or a good massage to visit him and his wonderful family. We thank you Dr.Derrick Family Chiropractic you guys are the best!!!"

- Ryan

"I've been coming to Dr. Mitch Derrick's office on a regular (i.e., weekly) basis for several years now. And I look forward to my visitations for the health improvements I get from "Dr. Mitch's" chiropractic expertise, and his pleasing and upbeat personality. As a result of my visits, I've received excellent health benefits provided me by an engaging and upbeat health care professional.

I highly recommend Mitch to anyone who needs chiropractic attention provided in a pleasing and cheerful office environment."

- Dave

"My name is Steven Jones, and I have been going to Derrick Family Chiropractic for 15 years now, and they have been good to me. Back in 2018, I had an auto accident and had an insurance claim, and it was a smooth process. They are super friendly, warm, and inviting. Also, I love the massage machine Dr. Derrick uses on me after my adjustments. Mr. Steven Jones."

- Steven

"Dr. Derrick is always kind and welcoming. He always takes extra time to truly listen to what is discomforting me, and I always leave feeling well adjusted and refreshed. I can tell he really cares about his patients, and going to see him feels like going to see an old friend. Dr. Derrick's knowledge of the body and utmost skill has kept me loyally coming back to him for the last 6 years. My family is blessed to have Derrick Family Chiropractic in our lives and we couldn't imagine being seen by anyone else!"

- Nicole

"My family members and I have been seen by Derrick chiropractic for over 10 years. Dr. Derrick is knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and I can't recommend him highly enough! He isn't scary like some other doctors. He'll get you talking and you won't even realize your adjustment is all done!"

- Tricia


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