Sports Massage in Lacey

Do you need a sports massage in Lacey? There is not one athlete that sports massages are directed towards. This type of massage benefits anyone from an occasional jogger to a professional athlete.

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This is because sports massage therapy in Lacey is tailored to the sport and the athlete. During a sports massage, the therapist at Derrick Family Chiropractic & Massage focuses on parts of the body that are repetitively stressed and overworked.


It is common to use sports massage as a part of an athlete’s regular training schedule. In order to prepare for an event, sports massage therapy is likely to be used as well as a means to minimize the amount of time need to recover from a maximum performance. Along with chiropractic adjustments, sports massage can increase flexibility and endurance. Athletes also can expect less fatigue. A substantial benefit for athletes that combine chiropractic adjustments and sports massage therapy is decreased likelihood of injury and maximum physical potential.

A primary benefit of combining these treatments is treating both the body’s musculature and structure. A study found that performing a single 45-second massage increases the range of motion while another study found by receiving massages before or after a performance reduces the amount of muscular soreness the athlete feels.

It is highly suggested to consider caring for your body while being physically active with chiropractic adjustments and sports massage. Call Derrick Family Chiropractic & Massage in Lacey today and find out what benefits of a sports massage are ahead for you.

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Your massage therapist will work on the feet, ankle, calf and lower leg with a combination of deep muscle work as well as gentle, rubbing along the muscle. You can expect relief in the extremity that can be caused by injury, arthritis, a long day, and plantar fasciitis. Reflexology massage also helps relax the entire body by decreasing stress and anxiety levels. Communication with your massage therapist at Derrick Family Chiropractic & Massage is very important so that your pain levels are clearly defined during treatment. Rest is advised following a Reflexology massage.

It is advised to receive Reflexology massages on a regular basis to maximize the benefits. It is a simple concept. To feel better and stay better, you maintain your body’s health.